RSVLTS Magazine issue II is officially here! Let that sink in for a moment. Ok, still with us? Good. We've launched to offer a preview of what you can expect from the winter 2014 issue. From an original shoot with Leanna Decker to our interview with Clay Matthews.

To gear up for the NBA’s stretch run we’ve teamed up with Leanna Decker, who was named to our list of “30 Women Who Will Dominate The Web in 2014,” to power rank NBA teams according to their social media popularity. The formula is simple. We looked at the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram following for each of the 30 teams in the NBA. Next to each of the social networks will be a circle. The smaller the circle the lower their following for the corresponding network. The larger the circle means a bigger following.

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The 50 Most Popular Web Videos of 2013
We asked 10 friends at some of the top lifestyle, sports and humor sites on the web to complete a simple task, help us create a well rounded list of top viral videos of the year. Some of the videos you’ll see went mega-mainstream and others are must see hits that may have flown under your radar. However you slice it, these are the videos that dominated the web in 2013.

RSVLTS Magazine is different (and better) than traditional men’s lifestyle magazines in every way. We’ve harnessed the same technology used by powerhouse publishers Forbes and Inc. that allows us to produce a fully interactive experience. Unlike our predecessors we allow you to stream videos, listen to music, clip articles you like and share via social media and more.


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